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Who Are You Demon Wranglers?

cssDemon was created as a collaboration between web developers Joe Fortin and Eric Baldoni. The focus of the company is to provide high quality coding services for other designers or design agencies that don't have the time or experience. We have over 12 years of experience designing specifically for web based clients. If you'd like to learn more about our design/video services or read some of our really exciting blogs (trasnslate: boring tech stuff) visit our flagship design site Bitclone.com

In his "spare" time Mr. Baldoni likes to play his upright Bass, and numerous other instruments in various fringe element music projects. You can read some of his audio experimental music musings over at the EtherBomb audio blog.

Joe Fortin or "El Kahuna Grande" as we like to refer to him around these parts, is a displaced soul from the beautiful islands of Hawaii. You might wonder why such a modest, intelligent being would leave paradise to come live in the burning hell we know as Tucson AZ. He still can't give us a reason we believe entirely, but he is too busy raising his three most excellent children, and mastering all aspects of web development to ponder such nonsense for too long.