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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a small list of questions we have been asked, or we anticipate you might want the answers to! You are welcome to contact us at anytime, as we are usually online...We are hopelessly addicted to the Internet.

How much do you charge?

We offer very competitive rates and will work with you to ensure you get personal service and a customized solution to meet your needs. Here are some basic prices to give you a general idea of the costs.

How fast will I get my website?

If it is a simple matter of coding PSD files to xHTML we will work to get you your website in 3 days or less. Sites that might require additional programming or Javascript might require more time.

Will my website be Cross Browser Compatible?

Yes! That is one of the biggest concerns we face, and we test our code for multiple versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (a demon all in itself!), as well as Firefox (we highly recommend this browser). We also test Safari, Camino, and Firefox on the Mac Platform. Feel free to let us know if your clients have a different browser and we will specifically test for that in addition.

What are all these new terms?

Web Development has undergone a big transition over the last few years. The way we design and code the pages you view has been addressed to help improve the seperation of structure and style. These improvements yield much better performance than sites that were coded using tables based layout methods. Sites coded with xHTML/CSS offer better Search Engine Placement, and are much more accessible to new developing technologies. Here are a few terms you might hear and briefly what they mean.

Help! Can you fix/update my existing HTML?

We certainly can! Just send us your URL and we will download all the files necessary

Can you add custom Javascript or Ajax to the code?

Yes, we have a programmer on staff so we can customize Javascript for you or we can add third party code if you have need for dynamic action. We study and implement progressive enhancement where possible to help ensure your code will cascade gracefully, ensuring your website will be viewable to the widest possible audience.